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'At the heart of it, all I really wants is to have my mother at my side whilst I grieve the loss of my child' https://t.co/sDIqubRLFL
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Vigil today in London to remember cyclists killed on the road, 6pm Amhurst Park/Seven Sisters Road https://t.co/KlLv4C0coe
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Jake Thompson

Casualty map


This map shows fatalities and serious injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in Great Britain in road traffic collisions between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2010, highlighting those which involved a vehicle with a gross combination mass of over 3,500kg.

Cyclists are shown using dark and light pink, with pedestrians represented using dark or light grey. Darker colours are used for collisions that included at least one HGV, light colours for those that did not.

Fatalities are shown using a square tile with the casualty's age in the top left, the year of the crash in the bottom left and gender indicated using a symbol for a man, woman, girl or boy (using a smaller symbol for children those under 16). Serious injuries are show using smaller circles. Open the key (accessible from the top left of the map) for further information about the key.

Casualty data is based on Stats19 data collected by the police and made available through the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) and the UK Data Archive. The data is Crown copyright. Unfortunately there is currently no data available for Northern Ireland.

Base mapping tiles and search facilities for See Me Save Me are provided courtesy of MapQuest based on mapping data from OpenStreetMap and contributors. It is available under a Creative Commons licence (cc-by-sa 2.0).

Missing data: As with any large collection of data, there will be errors and omissions. We apologise for any distress or offence that may be caused by the inclusion of these errors. Please report any errors and omissions.

The information provided within these maps should not be used to identify the individuals concerned.

With thanks to ITO World  for their support and help in the production of this map.